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Celestial Chronicle Shion volume 1

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VERY limited-run of the first graphic novel for the webcomic series Celestial Chronicle Shion!

In the year 2356, Earth is in the midst of a space war with aliens who want to enslave them. Shion was a regular girl who has been forced to become the captain of a ship due to having a very rare ability that allows her to control the ship through her mind. Her brother, Senri, is the navigator on their ship.

While Shion begins to discover extraordinary secrets about the aliens and why they are really in a war, Senri encounters strange phenomenon and believes among the crew there may be a traitor... or worse.

Note: Colors of the book cover appear differently on screen.

Note for buyers outside of the US: Buyers are responsible for any additional charges due to customs fees or the like. Also, I have done my best to keep the shipping cost as cheap as possible but it is still quite pricey and out of my control.

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Celestial Chronicle Shion volume 1

0 ratings